Music We Play

A while back a few of us musician friends had breakfast, talking about the type of music we would love to play, but could never find a band to perform. All of us grew up in the 80s, being exposed to a palate of music from punk, to New Wave, to old school rap, to hair bands.

While some cover bands today play some of the well-worn 80s sing-a-longs, we yearned to rediscover the less-played music that brought in dynamic instrumentation and vocals.

We talked about playing music from bands like Level 42, The Tubes, The Fixx, and others that filled your stereo speakers with energy! We thought, wouldn’t it be great to have a band that played songs where people say: “Oh Yeah! I LOVE that song.”? These are the songs that you remember fondly, but haven’t heard performed live in decades.

Mixtape Junkies were born. We went out and filled out the band with the best musicians and singers we knew. Our ambitious “Oh Yeah” Project had started. We are now learning songs and beginning to gig. Check back for updates!

— Mixtape Junkies